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Your TSA Pre-Check Questions Answered

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

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Sometimes airline travel feels like less than the exciting experience it should be. Long lines and practically having to undress before going through security is not a relaxing way to start your vacation! The good news is if you hate these security checkpoint lines, there is an option for a better and faster way to go through airport security!

If you hate those lines, consider applying for TSA PRE-CHECK.

What is TSA Pre-Check?

Having TSA pre-check on your boarding pass means you have been pre-screened and hence can opt for the shorter, special pre-check line at over 200 US airports. In fact, the TSA claims that over 93% of TSA pre-check members had a 5-minute or less wait time to pass through airport security! That’s pretty impressive!

To utilize this service, you have to apply and be approved by the TSA before your travel dates.

TSA Pre-Check

What is The TSA Pre-Check Application Process?

Going through the TSA pre-check application process is super easy. All you have to do is fill out an online form and then make an appointment at a local screening center. It just takes a few minutes to fill out the form - you can even do it from your phone. After that you schedule an appointment at a time and location convenient for you.

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of screening centers and appointment times to choose from. And no, you DO NOT have to go to the airport to apply for TSA pre-check.

TSA Pre-Check

How much does the TSA Pre-Check Cost?

The convenience of TSA pre-check is available for the low cost of $85, which is good for 5 years. This fee can be covered as a travel perk by many credit cards that offer travel rewards. Even if the fee is not reimbursed, pre-check comes out to only $17 a year – worth it even if you are not a frequent traveler.

Will My Children Require TSA Pre-Check?

Anyone age 13 and up can apply for TSA pre-check. Children ages 12 and younger will also receive TSA pre-check on their boarding pass – FREE OF CHARGE, when flying with a TSA approved adult.

That means for a family of four, two adults and two small kids, it will cost only $170 for five years of TSA-precheck. That’s a cost of $8.50 per person, per year for this service!

TSA Pre-Check

How Do I Use My Known-Traveler Number(KTN)?

Once you are approved for TSA pre-check you will get your approval letter a few days after your in-person screening. You are then given a Known-Traveler Number (KTN). When you make airline reservations, you add this KTN to your personal information and that way when you fly, TSA PRECHECK will appear on your boarding pass signaling to the officers that you can use the shorter TSA line.

If you are approved and have already booked air travel, just be sure to add your KTN to your reservation so you can receive the priority line at the airport. Your number is not automatically added to your existing reservation. This is something your Paradise Travel agent can definitely help you with!

Paradise Travel - Travel Agency

About Paradise Travel

Paradise Travel was founded in Parker, Colorado, but we have expanded over the years and have agents ready to plan vacations no matter where you are located! Our experienced travel agents at Paradise Travel are committed to finding you the best travel deal tailored to meet your individual vacation needs. We guarantee a VIP experience with exclusive offers that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, we provide a free consultation so you can leverage our expert services while maximizing your money on a dream vacation.

Paradise Travel, your trusted travel agency, provides expert travel advice and personalized trip-planning services. Our travel agents have first-hand knowledge of destinations and will make all the necessary arrangements for you. And the best part? These VIP services are offered to you for free.


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