Our amazing team of travel agents are dedicated to planning vacations. We don’t charge any fees for our services which means you get your vacation planned for you for FREE by one of our vacation planners. Megan Teerlinck

Megan’s passion for travel began at a young age while taking wonderful family vacations to Hawaii. After honeymooning in the Bahamas years ago, she knew she needed to see more of the world’s beautiful destinations.


She has since enjoyed traveling to the Caribbean, countess destinations in Mexico, the Hawaiian islands, and Disney to name a few! Some of her favorite vacation memories include zip lining into the Caribbean Sea, jet skiing in the Atlantic Ocean, swimming with Dolphins in Cancun, taking a helicopter tour of the Hawaiian Islands and snorkeling in every ocean she visits!


She believes the more she travels the more she can share with her clients. Whether it’s a destination wedding, honeymoon, or relaxing vacation with or without kids, she aims to make it an amazing experience from start to finish.


When she’s not traveling or planning travel for others, you can find her at the baseball diamond cheering on her two boys!

Our amazing team of travel agents are dedicated to planning vacations. We don’t charge any fees for our services which means you get your vacation planned for you for FREE by one of our vacation planners. Tara Mitchell

Tara believes that a great family vacation, regardless of the destination, creates priceless memories that last a lifetime! 


Her own travels include numerous Caribbean islands, all the major resort destinations in Mexico, cruises galore, both Disneyland and Disney World (too many visits to count), and many of the beautiful locations within the United States.

Her travel companions include her husband and daughter, who also have a zest for exploring the world! As a hobby, she documents their family adventures on her travel blog, Travel Plus Family. 

Tara's goal with her clients is to help them create a vacation experience that will create long-lasting and happy memories.

Harmony Skillman was bit by the travel bug at a young age, and is forever grateful to her parents for instilling a love of adventure in her! As a child, she traveled all over the United States and the Caribbean, mostly looking for the world’s best golf courses with her dad. As an adventurous college student, she decided to board a plane to spend six months studying in Rome, and backpacking through Europe.


Harmony spent her honeymoon in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, which was truly a trip of a lifetime and highly recommends a visit to the South Pacific to anyone who is thinking about it! Since college, she has visited England, France and Italy (several times). Before having kids, she and her husband traveled extensively to amazing places including many Caribbean islands, Hawaii, Mexico and all over the US. In 2013 she had the opportunity to spend a week in Japan, and cannot wait to take her whole family to Asia someday.


Now with her two elementary age kids, family travels have taken them to the Caribbean, cruising, Canada, California, Disneyland and Disney World. Their most amazing adventure was spending three weeks in Hawaii – Maui and the Big Island. They are planning to visit Kauai and Oahu together soon!


Harmony and her family live in the suburbs of New York City. When not traveling, or planning her next adventure, Harmony can be found at the beach, running or catching up on her favorite reality TV shows.

Our amazing team of travel agents are dedicated to planning vacations. We don’t charge any fees for our services which means you get your vacation planned for you for FREE by one of our vacation planners. Harmony Skillman

Denise has always loved to explore new places. She has been on several cruises throughout the Caribbean. Some of her favorite Caribbean destinations are Turks and Caicos, St. Thomas, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Antigua, Tortola, Nassau, Grand Cayman, Belize, and Roatan - to name a few! She has also travelled all over Mexico and Hawaii as well. Her bucket list destination is India and her husband's is Australia.


She says that to travel is to live! Denise believes that you can always learn something new about yourself, other cultures, and life when you travel. It makes her happy to hear about her client's experiences in their destination of choice.

She has traveled with and without her two boys and understands the importance of balancing family travel with your significant other and yourself. She looks forward to booking your next travel adventure.


Kim has been filled with wanderlust from a very early age.  She believes that traveling allows you to learn about the world and yourself while experiencing exciting adventures. Growing up in San Diego, Kim developed a passion for the ocean and began a quest to find and enjoy beautiful beaches all over the world. She also has a weakness for five star hotels.


Her desire to travel and explore the world has taken her to numerous fabulous locations including; Hawaii, (favorite: Hanalei Bay and Napali coast), Florida, California, Mexico, Caribbean, (favorite island, St John’s), Turks & Caicos, The Philippines, New England, Pacific Northwest and Canada. Cruises have included; Disney, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Princess. Her family has developed the travel bug also and have enjoyed visiting National Parks in Yosemite, Yellowstone and are headed to Alaska in July, to celebrate thirty years of marriage. The itinerary includes, kayaking amongst glaciers, dog sledding, fishing for salmon and searching for grizzly bears!


With her passion for traveling, Kim enjoys researching and finding the best deals and locations to help plan your dream vacation, creatively and inexpensively.  

Kat Geyer

Growing up in Russia, Kat’s first travel was family backcountry camping trips, swimming, and fishing on Great Volga river. Since then, she has explored many European countries such as France, Germany, Denmark to name a few and developed an appetite for more distant destinations such as Israel or Thailand. Her favorite experiences come from culture and nature, and she loves to capture her adventures through video and photography so that she can relive the moments, which motivates her to travel and explore more.


Kat considers herself a history nerd and foodie, and enjoys to travel with her family to places where they can not only have fun but always learn something new (like Art of Chocolate making or Traditional Thai massage). Her favorite places in US are Hawaii and the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and Kat feels lucky to live near one of them.


 Kat is organized, creative, and detailed oriented. She loves investigating and researching which makes being a travel advisor the perfect career path for her.

Christina not only loves to travel, but she really enjoys learning about new cultures when vising new countries.


Some of her favorite places she has been to include:

Thailand where she scuba dove off the Phi Phi Islands, Cambodia where she rode a majestic elephant, and  Bangkok where she rang in the New Year!


She has also been to Europe many times. Her favorite places in England are Stonehenge, Berkshire, York, and the beautiful Lake District. She has also loves Italy where she attended a mass in Vatican City, and  swam in the blue grotto off the Island of Capri. She has also been to Paris, Russia, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Mexico, and all over the united States including Alaska.


In addition to having a love for travel, Christina loves God and her family. She loves channeling her passion for travel into amazing vacations for her clients!

Growing up on Long Island, Christine’s family took vacations each summer and she would look forward to them every year.  Her love for travel and most importantly beach vacations unfolded.

 She is a beach lover at heart, who loves spending as much time as possible on the beach, its surroundings and all things that come with it.  

She took her first cruise at age 18 to the Bahamas and she been enamored with them ever since.  She has since taken multiple cruises, with cruise lines such as Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Carnival.  She has visited many places in the Caribbean including her favorites; Grand Cayman, St Lucia, Turks and Caicos plus countless more.

As a child, a young adult and now as a mom to three children living in Colorado, Christine has made many memories traveling all around the United States too.  Her fondest memories include family trips to San Diego, Disney World, Myrtle Beach and Mt Rushmore.

Making memories and spending time together as a family are Christine’s favorite things about traveling whether it be international or domestic.   
She loves everything about planning vacations and would love the chance to help you and your family plan your next adventure.


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