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The 5 Disney World Planning Tips Used By Your Travel Agent

Disney World Planning Tips

There are many types of vacations to be taken without detailed strategy sessions, but a Disney World vacation is not one of them! The truth is, Disney World vacations are very expensive and without effective planning families don't maximize their time or money while at the parks. If you are planning a Disney World vacation without a travel agent, be prepared to invest a large amount of time and energy researching all the necessary facets of a Disney vacation!

Here are just a few areas Paradise Travel researches when planning your Disney World vacation. As a reminder, travel research and planning is always FREE to Paradise Travel clients! With a Disney vacation you final cost will be the same with or without a travel agent on your side.

Tip #1: know your booking windows and establish a touring guide

Disney World opens reservations for lodging, dining, and attractions on a set schedule. Depending on the timeframe/crowd levels of your visit, it is important to know these booking windows.

Disney World Planning Tips

Lodging - 499 days prior to visit

  • Booking early with Disney doesn't usually provide a big savings, however, it will help to ensure your preferred room category is available at your desired resort.

  • Room preferences will become limited approximately 365 days prior, especially the lower priced rooms at the resorts closest to Disney World.

  • Be sure to research hotel amenities and the transportation to/from Disney World. Some hotels have buses, while others are on the monorail route.

Note: Prior to booking dining and fastpasses, you should establish a touring guide for your family. While you don't need all the details determined 180 days prior to your visit, you should know which parks you are going to visit on which days. Use tip #2 through #4 to help understand the items necessary to establish a touring guide.

Dining - 180 days prior to visit

  • Book your hotel and determining which Disney parks you will visit each day of your stay prior to the dining window opening is key. This plan helps you to streamline your park experience to maximize the time in each day.

  • On-site guests can book 180 days + 10 additional days. Research the dining venues you prefer to determine which reservations are harder to get. Those dining reservations should be booked 181+ days prior to help ensure availability.

FastPasses for Attractions - 60 days prior to visit (30 days prior for offsite hotels)

  • Similar to dining, know which parks you will be visiting each day prior to selecting FastPasses.

  • Research to understand which rides have the longest lines and must be FastPassed vs. the rides that historically have shorter lines. In other words, don't waste your FastPasses!

  • Understand how to schedule your FastPasses to maximize the system.

Tip #2: Research Peak Crowds and/or themed days

Disney World crowd levels fluctuate during the year. This is attributed to lots of different factors including school schedules, park events, and themed days. Prior to booking your Disney World vacation, be sure to research the timeframe you want to visit. This will help you understand the crowd levels at each park for each day of your visit. Crowd information, by each day, will help you create your park schedule and should be understood prior to making dining/fastpass reservations.

Disney World Planning Tips
Epcot's Food & Wine Event is Ideal for Foodies!

Disney prices don't vary dramatically throughout the year, so it is best to schedule your visit based on the crowd levels and your desire to attend (or avoid) certain theme days.

tip #3: Review special events

Did you know that Disney World hosts several events throuhgout the year? Some of these events require an additional ticket and the tickets are typically sold out months prior to the event. On these days, guests without the additional event ticket will be required to leave the park early.

Disney World Planning Tips
Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Spans from August to October.

That's right - even though you paid full price to be at the park, you will still be required to leave early unless you purchase the additional ticket! Make certain you are aware of these events prior to your visit so you can either purchase the extra ticket and/or plan your park days appropriately. You don't want to book dining or Fastpass reservations until you know this schedule!

tip #4: Understand the fastpass system

Don't waste extra time in long lines at Disney World; maximize your FastPass reservations so you can enjoy more attractions during your visit! They key to a successful day at any Disney park is to thoroughly research attractions and to establish your family's attraction touring guide. A touring guide will help you hit all your "must see" attractions while at the parks. To help create a touring guide, here is a list of items you should research:

Disney World Planning Tips
Kilimanjaro Safaris is a MUST at Animal Kingdom
  • What attractions does your family want to experience?

  • Are there any height restrictions, etc.?

  • Which of these attractions have FastPasses?

  • What attractions have historically low wait times and therefore don't "need" a FastPass?

  • How to schedule FastPasses so you can have the ability to add more while at the park?

tip #5: Maximize your Dining Plan Options

Disney offers three great dining plan options. These opinions are designed to help a family appropriately budget their meal expenses while at the park. While the plan does help you budget, it is also important to understand which restaurants qualify for quick-service or table-service.

Disney World Planning Tips
Liberty Tree Tavern @ Magic Kingdom

You should also know how to use your snack credits to your benefit. Many guests realize they have lots of credits leftover after their vacation and then use tons of credits to purchase junk food and candy, just so they aren't leaving money on the table. Appropriate planning is key to maximizing your credits (and money)!

benefits of booking with Paradise Travel

The biggest benefit of booking your Disney World vacation package with Paradise Travel is having our travel experts help you will all of the details mentioned in this article. Instead of spending your limited time and energy researching all the necessary details of a Disney World vacation, have our travel experts do it for you!

Paradise Travel - Travel Agency

This amazing service is FREE with every Disney package booked through Paradise Travel! Our goal is to plan your Disney World vacation ahead of time to ensure your family can maximize your time and money while at the parks!

Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation disney world quote!

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